About Express Orders

We are a tech company that connects people with the best restaurants in their cities.

Local  restaurants  are  a core part of a community's socioeconomic fiber. They're  innovative  and offer unique  products and services,  they provide an identity  to the community, and they create job opportunities  for local residents.

Our goal is to build stronger communities  by leveraging the collaborative  spirit of restaurant owners, their employees, and their  customers

How to use the Express Orders platform

Express Orders has hundreds  of restaurants  to choose from. When  you open the online  platform or XO app, you can search  for a restaurant  based on location  or a particular  cuisine.  When you find something you like  and if the restaurants  have online  ordering with XO, tap to order. It ́s that simple!

If you download our app, you can  also have all the rewards  and promo cards in the  same place for your convenience.  Plus you can receive  in-app messages with  deals and special  events from your favorite  restaurants.