Mobile apps are coming back as a powerful tool for restaurants - by Express Orders

Mobile Apps - express orders

Mobile apps are coming back as a powerful tool for restaurants - by Express Orders

By Express Orders Mobile Apps - express orders

People stopped downloading apps because every business wanted to have one and many of them did not have useful functionality, plus they consumed a significant amount of the mobile devices’ memory.

The most popular app categories are social and communications, while the number one reason for uninstalling an app is the lack of use. People do not use apps because they do not provide good functionality, thus a poor customer experience. But the Covid-19 pandemic is changing that trend.

 As lockdowns and restrictions were put in place across the country, restaurants were forced to shift their models to pickup and delivery, and to adopt new tech platforms to meet the increasing demand. However, consumers are no longer using their phones to call and place orders, now they are using their mobile devices to do it digitally. Their smartphones have more storage capacity, and consumers are more willing to download apps that are useful for them, especially millennials and Gen Z consumers.

 That is why mobile apps are becoming relevant again. A higher number of consumers is ordering online, and many of them do not only want fast food, they want to be able do it from their trusted restaurants. Furthermore, they want to support their local restaurants, but they want to do so in their own contactless terms. In addition, they are also more willing to place pickup and curbside orders, not only delivery.

 Additionally, mobile apps can be used for much more than online ordering. They are also a useful tool to connect and engage with their customers through in-app messaging and gamification. That is why it is recommended that restaurants reassess the importance of having a mobile app in their marketing toolbox. 

Express Orders offers restaurants customized customer engagement tools, including the possibility to have their own branded mobile app (iOS and Android), which includes online orders, rewards, and in-app messaging. Customers love it!

By Express Orders.


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