Emails or text campaigns with promos & coupons - by Express Orders

Emails/ Text campaigns - express orders

Emails or text campaigns with promos & coupons - by Express Orders

The use of email and SMS marketing has become very popular these days. These tools have proven to be very useful for retail and small businesses to connect with their customers, particularly during Covid times.

The reason is simple. Americans from all age groups are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. In addition, the health and safety measures implemented by the CDC and local authorities make it harder for businesses to physically engage with their audiences. They need tech tools and they are transitioning from traditional to digital models.

Texting is becoming the preferred method of communication for consumers because it is easier and quicker than emails. Texts have an opening rate of 95% and over 90% are opened within the first 90 seconds. On the other hand, emails' opening rate is only 25% and they are read within 48 - 72 hours. 

Consequently, SMS marketing is becoming much more effective, especially for businesses that want to send out weekly or daily special promos or discounts. If you send out an email you would have to send it at least 3 days in advance, and people who were willing to go to your business today or tomorrow will wait for the discount. Whereas with texting, if you send a text out in the evening with a promo for the next day or even on the same day, you will have instant results, and you will not miss out customers and revenue.

That is why SMS marketing makes sense and it is being widely adopted by restaurants. It allows them to fill out their tables on slow days and times. If they have perishable inventory, they can send out a text with a special promo to "push out" that inventory on the same day. They can also engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently by allowing automated responses to frequently asked questions, surveys, order confirmation, etc. 

Express Orders offers restaurants SMS texting, together with other customer engagement tools such as rewards and online orders, which have proven to be very effective to improve sales, branding, and customer retention.

By Express Orders.


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