New processes and tech tools are vital for restaurants in a post Covid era - by Express Orders

New processes and tech tools - Express Orders

New processes and tech tools are vital for restaurants in a post Covid era - by Express Orders

In times of pandemic, we have been adapting to the new changes that COVID-19 has brought with it, from the implementation of the use of masks to social distancing. This has allowed us to re-asses how we relate and connect with other people on a personal level, but also how businesses interact with their audiences.

The hospitality industry has been one of the most impacted by the pandemic. Thousands of restaurants have had to shut down, while many others have had to lay off most of their staff and are still struggle to recover. However, some restaurants have successfully changed their business model and will close the year with even more revenue than in 2019.

Adapting to the new reality is key to stay afloat during the crisis and to thrive post-Covid. Some of the changes in behavior are expected to stay after the pandemic, which makes it even more important for restaurants to adapt to these changes as soon as possible.

Restaurants that have adopted new ways of satisfying consumer needs and of staying connected with their customers are more likely to succeed. For years, small restaurants have done little marketing, if any. But in this new era, the use of new processes and technologies is paramount to meet customer needs and keep them engaged.

Examples of these new processes and tech tools are:

  • Pickup / Curbside / Delivery
  • Mobile apps
  • Online ordering / Digital menus / Contactless reservations
  • Emails or text campaigns with promos / coupons
  • Digital loyalty programs
  • Social media

I will talk more about each one in our next blog postings. Stay tuned!

by Express Orders.


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